Southern Rigging & Scaffolding
Southern Rigging & Scaffolding operates on a simple business philosophy: It is that the people within our organisation are every bit as important as high tech, heavy duty equipment we provide.

These are people with extensive experience in the industry; people with the expertise to know precisely how to address your specific project requirements; people with the drive to go the extra mile to meet your needs in a timely, expedient and cost-efficient manner.

Whatever field you're in, Southern Rigging & Scaffolding is here to assist you in critical operational aspects of your business, such as site construction and plant maintenance or shut-downs. Our aim is to develop ongoing partnerships with all of our clients; relationships built on consistent and effective delivery of the very best equipment and services.

With that in mind, it's time to introduce you to the key player in the Southern Rigging & Scaffolding operation:

Alan Collins

Business Manager - Alan is a specialist in the scaffolding and labour hire areas of the business. He personally holds scaffolding & rigging qualifications, and leads an extensive and capable team consisting of welders, boilermakers, scaffolders, riggers, industrial painters and trade assistants.